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Commonwealth Kind

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In a word, Commonwealth Kind is all about one thing: Community.

Who you identify as your community is entirely up to you. For some people it is family. For others it is friends and neighbors. For others still it is those that allow them to feel seen and appreciated. 

We at Commonwealth Kind come for all different backgrounds but we have one thing in common. We wish to be of benefit to others. 

Our current platform focuses on three key areas. Those areas are physical, emotional, and intellectual. 

Our wellness team focuses on making sure our communities are getting its health needs met! Our artistic team focuses on making sure the communities have something that feel deeply! And our business & technology team focuses on using targeted data to make sure our communities know what each other thinks! 

In recent years some of our volunteers have been instrumental in highlighting local organizations that do good. Some of those organizations have specialized in finding meaningful work for rehabilitating young adults. Others have focused on making sure that food insecure individuals have food on their table. While others still have focused on connecting traumatized individuals with the healing modalities they needed. 

When the pandemic happened and we felt as though some of us had lost our human connections we rediscovered the arts! 

Commonwealth Kind believes in not just the value of consuming the arts but in creating them! Art has the power to move us through music, dance, and all manner of visual arts. One of our members is such a patron of the arts that he opened his home as a place for struggling musicians to film and share their work online FREE OF CHARGE! 

In the works right now is something we are truly excited about. 
Commonwealth Kind is currently in the process of using the technological and statistical savvy of our volunteers to survey the many prosocial organizations in the area to find out where the gaps in service exist in our communities. We believe knowing this can help us to better organize those with the desire to help! 

In order for Commonwealth Kind to continue to be successful in these uncertain times we need more investment. Not of finances, but rather of likeminded individuals who want to make a difference in their community. So if you are a person who wants to help or knows of an organization that wants to help let us know. We are starting in Malden but as the name may tell you, we are hoping to spread to all corners of the commonwealth. 

Feel free to sign up on our website and to check out our health & wellness, arts & artistry, and business & technology groups. And if you're too busy you can also still pay it forward by forwarding this site along to a friend. 

Our Approach

  • Coalesce a group of dedicated professionals from disparate domains.

  • Set sights on helping communities that are local to each of us individually.

  • Identify obstructions, barriers, and related root-causes, that slow, stop, or reverse the positive trajectory of our communities.

  • Work as a team with all stakeholders and community members to design, validate, test, implement, and monitor solutions.

  • Document and share our successes, experiences, and solutions with each adjacent community and ask them to do the same.


Who We Are

  • We are all ages, races, genders, philosophies, and ideologies.

  • We are professionals.

  • We are artists, educators, engineers, businesspeople, non-profit leaders, technologists, healthcare workers, homemakers, and more.

  • We are seriously dedicated to our mission and serious about having fun in the process.

  • We are a powerful force for improving communities.

What We Believe

  • There is something wonderful and powerful that happens when professionals of disparate domains come together and focus on solving problems.  When they do, problems are better defined, stakeholders are better understood, solutions comprehensive, and results more likely to have both short-term and long-term benefits.

  • Positive social change starts from the bottom up.

  • Instances of community engagement accelerate when community members have on-going visibility to the impact of their contributions.

  • The combined voices and actions of communities are required for meaningful change.

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