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Anybody can help, no one should have to go without.

Serve-A-Neighbor enables members of a community to meet, support, and exchange kindness with one another.  This platform helps to manage a pay-it-forward sensibility by allowing community members opportunities to volunteer, request and receive service, donate, and receive basic needs items.


The following four scenarios outlines how it works:


  1. Provide Time and Receive Heartfelt Appreciation

  2. Provide Time and Receive Time

  3. Provide Time and Receive Basic Goods

  4. Provide Time and Donate to those in need or a non-profit organization

Serve-A-Neighbor catalogs and lists request from members of your community and local nonprofits.


Provide Time & Receive Time in return from someone else in you community with the appropriate skillsets.


Serve-A-Neighbor provides new opportunities for community members to support local businesses in their neighborhood!


Serve-A-Neighbor enables the option to donate time to those unable to reciprocate.

Helping those in our communities with the greatest need for support!

Help Locally 

Be an awesome helper in
your community today.

Request Service

Post a need on the neighborhood Dashboard.

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