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All About
Kindness Tokens

You may earn Kindness Coins by fulfilling opportunities on the Dashboard or they may be purchased from the Token Shop.

What can you do with a Kindness Tokens?

  • Contribute Kindness Tokens to fellow community members when they do a service for you. Request a service!

  • Donate Kindness Tokens to a pending request on the dashboard by navigating here!

  • Purchase one of the Commonwealth Kind educational services!

  • Donate Kindness Tokens to our mission and receive Kindness Trophies! click here

Kindness Trophies

Kindness Trophies can be obtained by donating Kindness Tokens you have earned by fulfilling requests on the Dashboard or that you have purchased from the Token Shop.

Those with the greatest amount of Kindness Trophies earned each month and year receive special recognition by Commonwealth Kind.

We feature members on our 

  • Commonwealth Kind video podcast!

  • Blog & social media!

  • Submission to online news!

  • Annual awards ceremony!

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