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What We Do

We leverage the mindfulness of our Health & Wellness team, the creativity of our Arts & Artists team, and the business acumen of our Business & Technology team to complete short-term projects and develop long-term strategic solutions for our communities.

Why Commonwealth Kind?

A successful volunteer organization is a balancing act that requires deep knowledge of all org functions, experience to both identify and monitor meaningful metrics, and the agility to shift resources quickly and as needed.

The collective wisdom of our teams is what makes our projects successful at each phase: Ideation, Planning, Development, Testing, Launching, and Monitoring.

For Our Members

The regular meeting of our members, comprised of diverse backgrounds and skillsets, is what makes our community both unique and successful.


To ensure our membership is as healthy, diverse, and enthusiastic as we hope for communities we serve, our leadership works to:

  • Ensure members connect to what is important to them individually:

    • Giving Back to Community

    • Supporting a Cause

    • Feeling Socially Connected

  • Recognize and celebrate individual and collective accomplishments.

  • As the needs of those we serve require, create teams with diverse skills to holistically  solve problems.

  • Balance tasks and efforts between our volunteer members.

  • Listen to our new members and new perspectives.

  • Provide all members opportunities to lead and serve within different roles.

What is your new idea to improve our communities?

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